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Twins - 4 July
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Claire and Charlotte born 6/3/99 at 8:50, 8:51 AM

The Girls are now 5 weeks old, on their first 4th of July.
They have "graduated" out of the oxygen room into the "feeding" room.

No more oxygen help


wendy_holdingtwins.jpg (15518 bytes)
Charlotte and Claire have moved*


sisters_sleepover.jpg (12557 bytes)
They are now in Level two


meandmy_sister.jpg (14832 bytes)
Family shot


jon_4girls.jpg (18158 bytes)

Charlotte and Claire are down to 1 or 2 apnea spells a day 7/3/99.   They are fed 35 CC (1  1/5 oz.) every three hours,  Wendy tries to get up to the hospital for 3 of the 8 feedings a day (at 12 noon, 3 PM and 9 PM) 7/5/99.  

* The close-up pictures of the girls was taken 6/29/99.  So the nose tube is still there.  In their new unit, they are free of those cords as of 7/2/99

Older Sibling Pictures

10/22/1999 03:04 PM