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Twins on Father's Day
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Claire and Charlotte born 6/3/99 at 8:50, 8:51 AM
The Girls are now 13 days old on their first Father's day

Look Ma, I'm out of the isolet!

Sleepovers too!


girls.jpg (11353 bytes)
Charlotte's Father's Day card 6/20/99 charlotte_dadday.jpg (7131 bytes)
Claire's Father's Day card 6/20/99 claire_dadday.jpg (10341 bytes)
Allyson and Tommy meet Charlotte

Wow she's grown!

TouchBaby.jpg (29468 bytes)
Allyson, Tommy, and Matthew bring Wendy home
WebberTrio.jpg (25242 bytes)

Charlotte on room air no additional oxygen 6/26/99.  Claire has first succesful feeding from Wendy 6/27/99

Older Sibling Pictures

06/27/1999 10:56 PM